Bottle Collections
Shaw Pens
Craftsman of Fine Writing Instruments
The collections from Private Reserve Ink features: various colors perfectly match the collection. 4) 15ml bottles packaged up in a gorgeous black and silver box with a clear acetate lid and wrapped with a silver-foil cord.
Artesian Collection
Buttercup, Claret, Eclectic D.C. Blue
Ebony collection
 Ebony Blue, Ebony Brown, Ebony Green and Ebony Purple.
Fall Collection
Shoreline Gold, Copper Burst, Fiesta Red, and Chocolat.
Spring Collection
Spearmint, Arabian Rose, Blue Suede and DC Super Violet
Summer Collection
Purple Mojo, Tropical Blue, Plum and Shell Pink
Winter Collection
Naples Blue, Lake Placid Blue, Daphne Blue, Midnight Blues