American Pride

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Shaw Pens
Craftsman of Fine Writing Instruments
The American Pride pen is a twist style ball point. The hardware is available in Antique Pewter or Chrome. Antique Pewter brings out the detail of all of the castings and engravings.

The motif of the pen reflects the federal style architecture. The finial of the pen contains engraving of etched “U.S.A.” and laurel leaf pattern. The tip and finial feature Doric column influenced designs. The center band features the phrase “God Bless America”. The clip red, white and blue American flag with the Bald Eagle emblem atop of the American flag.

The barrels are made from resin, the upper barrel is a white star field inlayed in a blue background. The lower barrel are red and white wavy strips.
The refill is a Parker Style refill and easy flow 9000 is included.