Welcome to Shaw Pens.

 The month of October is our 14th Anniversary.  We have a lot of events and specials going on all month long. 

I want to thank all of customers who are really family by standing besides us all these years.   Please use Bash14 to get 45% off.  Special end October 31 2020.


The Adventure Awaits

Shaw Pens has a couple of campaign going on right now.

The first one is for the crisis of COVID-19. Until 90 days after the crisis has ended Shaw Pens is running a coupon discount of 35% off retail as well as 20 dollars per pen going to Cheltenham Community to help feed our school age children while schools are closed.

The other campaign is operation nursing homes. Lets put our pens to use. This will be a letter writing campaign for people in nursing homes. Right now the residents of nursing homes and rehab units are feeling isolated because no visitors are allowed. Send them a note that you are thinking of them to help brighten their days. Between the two campaigns we can help build a better community.