The Archer

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The archer is a twist pen that was inspired by the sport of archery.Whether or not the persons interest is into hunting or target archery this pen is for them.

The pens hardware comes in two different finishes, antique pewter or antique brass.

The finial is embellished with leather-like stitching and is inspired by an arrow quiver that holds the extra arrows .

The clip is shaped and curvature of a classic recurve bow. The center band contains arrow heads.

Finally the tip is shaped into an arrow head.

The refill is a Parker style refill.A Schmidt easy flow 9000 is include with every pen.

The barrel of the pen can be made from various materials which include wood or resins.

The wooden barrels are coated with 18 coats of liquid polymer to protect the wood from oils from your hand and is polished to a glass like finish.

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